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What You Need to Know

  • Why use Neet Places and Destinations to plan your next trip?
    Save your valuable time and leave the planning to us. We don't want you spending stressful hours on impersonal websites. Neet Places and Destinations is affiliated with the Travel Leaders Network which allows us to fill your itinerary with perks and benefits only industry experts like us have the inside scoop on. We know exactly how to find the details you're looking for — local experiences, dinner reservations, sporting events, luxurious spa treatments — exclusive extras that make your vacation extraordinary. So relax and enjoy a truly luxurious vacation, starting with the planning process.
  • How do I get started?
    Please fill out the inquiry form on the contact page. Then select book now for an appointment time to schedule a complimentary call to discuss your travel needs. Our travel experts love to listen and discover what you're looking for in a vacation. Then we get to work creating customized luxurious travel plans unique to your personality and preferences.
  • Do we book airline tickets?
    We do not book airline tickets. Airlines make changes often, and it is better if you purchase your tickets directly through the airline company. We do provide airline consultations and offer flight suggestions. Once you book your airline tickets, we incorporate your flight information into your itinerary.
  • What if I only want a partial itinerary plan?
    We tailor your itinerary to fit your needs. If you already have travel accommodations and want customized attractions, local venues, or excursions, we will elevate your vacation to an unforgettable lifetime experience.
  • What is WhatsApp and why do we recommend it for travel?
    WhatsApp is an excellent free smartphone app that you can use to make calls, video chat, and send text messages. As long as you have Wifi, you can use WhatsApp at no cost wherever your travel takes you.
  • Do we book Airbnb properties?
    We do not book Airbnb properties. This is because we wouldn’t be able to guarantee the accommodation standards, check-in process, or the safety of our clients. We use our connections with world-class luxury villas where we can incorporate upgrades and perks that make your stay more enjoyable and extravagant.
  • Why do we recommend travel insurance?
    Your vacation is a significant investment, and you should protect it. Purchasing travel insurance is a smart move. It's an inexpensive way to financially protect yourself and your travel plans in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. You want to be compensated for cancellations, lost baggage, unexpected health issues (including COVID-19), or other emergencies that can occur while traveling.
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